Flat Transparent Fees

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Starting at $100/month with a $750 upfront fee*

Stop worrying about your financial life!  Engage with a financial professional to receive the unbiased advice and guidance you need.  


This plan includes:


  • Retirement plan

  • Insurance analysis

  • Estate planning support

  • Tax planning support

  • Investment management

  • Debt analysis

  • Major purchase support

  • Employee benefit optimization

  • Budget training & support

  • Credit analysis

  • Goal development exercise

  • Financial behavior analysis

  • Unbiased financial advice & education

  • Ongoing email support

  • Online financial dashboard


*Fees may vary.  Contact Rooted Interest for a direct quote.  See ADV Part 2 for more details.


Annual Advisory Fee: 0.50%*

Investing can be scary and even dangerous if not done correctly.  A professional focused on evidence-based investing can help keep you on track for your goals. 


This plan includes:


  • Current portfolio review

  • Risk Tolerance Profiling

  • Investment fee analysis

  • Allocation recommendation & implementation support

  • Investment Policy Statement

  • Behavior control support

  • Annual review

  • Ongoing email support


*Does not include outside management and other investment fees.  Please review ADV Part 2 for more details.


Starting at $150/engagement*

Even if you have your financial life in order, sometimes it is still useful to enlist an outside party for help.  


Services may include:


  • Detailed financial plan

  • Major purchase advice

  • Debt analysis

  • Portfolio review

  • Life event advice



*The scope and fee of the engagement are determined between adviser and client prior to the commencement of engagement.

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