About Spencer

Hello.  My name is Spencer and I am a recovering dragon... 

In middle school, my parents started giving me $10 each week to buy lunch.  This was my first real income stream and I loved it!  But I quickly noticed that if I used my "hard-earned" money on lunch I would have less of it. 


So naturally, I stopped buying lunch!  But why stop there?  I stopped buying basically everything so I could have more money...  I was like a treasure-hoarding dragon!

That was until my senior year of high school when I bought my first stock and used my first credit card to impulse purchase $100 shoes.  I also had a lot of fun using my money to go on adventures with friends and my dragon scales started peeling back.  I realized that it is possible to live life now while still saving and preparing for the future. 


I completed my undergraduate studies in psychology with a business minor and was planning to become a business psychologist.  However, my Intro to Finance class blew me away with discussions about Roth IRAs and compounding interest.  I had no idea this stuff existed!

So, I changed directions and completed a master’s degree in Finance.  Afterward, I completed all the requirements to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™   and proudly joined the ranks of 5.23% of all CFP® professionals under the age of 30.  These steps have given me the expertise needed to best serve my clients.

Throughout this process, I also married my high school sweetheart, had 5 kids and worked full-time.  I know exactly what it’s like to be a young parent in the throngs of life!

While I still have some dragon-like financial tendencies, I have learned how to use money to bring joy to my life and the lives of others.  Personal finance is way more personal than it is finance!  That’s why I help my clients focus on their life goals, determine how to best plan for them, and guide them through life’s journey along the way to their dreams.


I firmly believe that working with an independent, fee-only, CFP® professional like me is the best way to achieve financial success and peace of mind. 


Let me show you how.