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For decades, quality financial advice has only been available to the ultra wealthy and not to those who might need it the most.
Let's change that.

How can Rooted Interest help you?

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Evidence-based portfolios designed to meet your unique needs. 

Retirement Planning

Customized life plans to give you direction and support to keep you on track.

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Debt Analysis

Clear debt payback strategies to lessen your burden and save you money.


Major Purchase

Education and guidance for home, auto, education, and other major purchases.


Finally enjoy budgeting with proven methods that you will actually use.

... and more!

Spencer Stephens, CFP®, MS

As an independent, fee-only, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ I create a judgment-free environment, offer holistic advice, and educate my clients at an affordable price.  Acting as a fiduciary you can rest assured that I am acting in your best interests and not trying to sell you insurance or investments.  With my help, my clients recognize where they are now, envision where they want to be, and work to make their dreams become reality.  

Spencer Stephens, CFP, MS Fee only fiduciary


I work independently for my clients and am not bound to any outside parties.


I am only paid by my clients and cannot receive commissions of any kind.


My advice is in the best interest of my clients, 100% of the time.

Financial success boils down to one word. 


Learn about yourself by selecting one of our free and research-based evaluations below.

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Your career is one of your most valuable assets.  Find out if your current career is right for you with the Career Fit assessment.

Spending money can bring joy, but it can also be stressful.  Learn more about yourself with the Spending Patterns survey.

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Building wealth is easier for some than others.  See how prone you are to building wealth with the Wealth Potential test.

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Staying disciplined is key to investing.  Discover how you will react when markets move with the Investor Composure evaluation.

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Managing your finances is critical to a stable financial life.  Unearth your financial management tendencies with the Financial Planning analysis.

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